translated from Spanish: Government ruled out contradiction in migration as a human right

-look Government came out in defense today of his immigration policy, after criticism by not signing the immigration Pact United Nations and dismissed one with tradition among the sayings of the Chancellor Roberto Ampuero and the subscretario of Interior, Rodrigo Ubilla, whether migration is or not a human right. From La Moneda, Government, Cecilia Pérez, spokeswoman said that «here there is no contradiction, what has been said is absolutely compatible (…).» Here there is compatibility in the eyes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Interior», once the Minister of RR.EE., Roberto Ampuero, said yesterday that he considers if the migration as a human right, as opposed to what the weekend said Undersecretary of Interior «, Rodrigo Ubilla.El Minister’s RR.EE., Roberto Ampuero, had also ruled out contradiction between his sayings, made in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and those of the Interior Authority.» «The Government is only one, and in many cases, linked themes from different departments: the immigration issue has to do with RR.EE. and if it is for cases where you are hablandod of immigration, of people arriving in the country, is inside» said Ampuero , who added that «the important thing is that position there is one: is the President who sets foreign policy». Previously, President, Sebastián Piñera had also indicated from the Palace of Government «we want that people who come to be integrated in society, enter Chile but do not want to enter and we will do everything possible to prevent it, those who they come to hurt us.»

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