translated from Spanish: Poverty rose and 13.6 million Argentines according to the UCA

poverty rose more than five points in one year and went from 28.2% to 33.6% of people, according to the estimate of the Argentina Catholic University (UCA), for the third quarter of 2018. In the case of indigence, went from 5.7% in the third quarter of 2017 to 6.1% during the same period of 2018.En the case of households the analysis showed 25.6% of poverty, also on the rise compared with 20.9% for the third quarter of 2017 , and 4.2%, from poverty, from 4.1%. There are 2.2 million people who entered poverty and 170,000 to poverty in a year. The data is calculated based on the official figures of the INDEC on urban population, which is 40.5 million. 
The number of poor in Argentina increased from 11.4 million to 13.6 million, and the indigent, from 2.3 million to 2.47 million.
There are 6.3 million poor children, up from 5.4 million a year ago, i.e., nearly a million more in 12 months. 

46.3% of children live under poverty UCA study clarifies that “in 2018 nearly half of households they said that revenues were insufficient to cover its expenses”. And that “this negative trend is observed with discrete levels for all social groups, highlighting the wide incidence recorded in stratum of marginal workers”. OTHER readings of the report figures for indigence of 4.2 per cent of households and of 6.1% of people are “relatively higher values recorded by the survey from 2010 to date”. Highlights that “poverty affects more working-class marginal social segments and households in the greater Buenos Aires”. Affects “more strongly to children, adolescents and young people aged 18 to 29, and to a lesser extent the population 60 years and older”. In this note:

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