translated from Spanish: Naked, burned and lifeless they found baby in Guadalajara Guadalajara

-a baby for about one year of age was found naked, burned and lifeless in a vacant lot. It was around 02:50 in the evening of today, 31 December, when Tlajomulco police received an anonymous report of a calcined child. The elements immediately took to the trails and Barrens are Colonia Los Cántaros behind to find the body of the child. Officials battled to find the victim since the place is deserted and there is not much that can serve as a reference to be located.

The child was completely naked / photo: theme Pixabay was in a vacant lot near the end of the Tulip Street, where police saw a patch of smoke over the weed and approached to review, in the place found a child between 1 and 2 years of age, without clothes and with burns. To the place of the discovery arrived paramedics municipal medical services and confirmed that the child did not have vital signs, it is estimated that the baby has approximately two weeks without this life was determined by its cadaverous evolution. After making the appropriate inquiries the body of the child was raised to be transferred to the SEMEFO where necropsy of law be done, it will be the State Prosecutor’s Office along with the Jalisco Institute of forensic sciences that investigated what happened .

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