translated from Spanish: The herd remains free: Spanish Court keeps benefit for the damned

a Spanish Court of suicide today maintain the bail to five members of the herd, sentenced to jail in the bull case of multiple rape in 2016.
Five men were sentenced to nine years in prison last April for abuse a young woman of 18 years in the Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona city.
The initial sentence, received with much criticism by groups of women and policy makers, was confirmed in December by a higher court.
However, inmates remained in freedom waiting for a decision on if you were imprisoned while decides a new appeal, this time to the Supreme Court, both by the prosecution (which seeks a sentence for rape) and Defense ( requested the Declaration of innocence).
A court in the region of Navarra decided today that the five members of the group remain on bail, since you don’t see sufficient reason to change their situation and sees «weak» the risk of flight.
However, one of the three judges, the President of the second section of the Provincial Court, formulated a particular vote in which advocated by decreeing the detention without bail for the defendants.
In July 2016, five members of the group that is called «The herd» entered the hallway of a block of flats in Pamplona with a young and there had sexual relations, also recorded with cell phones, and were immediately reported then by the woman, who also stole his phone.
This case generated a broad social mobilization, especially of women, and especially against the ruling, which did not consider that there was a violation since the judges felt that violence or intimidation by the five men on the young woman, who said there was no that is submitted their attackers for fear.
Among other consequences, the Spanish Government is preparing legal reform with the cooperation of expert jurists to match all sexual abuse to rape and to punish them with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

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