translated from Spanish: Metropolitan Seremi of health: “floats often provide a false sense of security”

the ministerial regional secretariat of health, Rosa Oyarce, toured Meiggs alongside a team of the entity, with the aim of monitors r water supplies, as floats and life-jackets and make sure that they have everything necessary to fulfill its function, for example, antirretornos valves, plugs attached and firm, with its labeling standard. The removal of these 3 thousand products was labelling that it was only in English and Chinese. Rosa Oyarce explained that “the purpose of these requirements, is to reduce the risk of suffocation dip due to the sudden loss of buoyancy if air is released through the entrance and educate parents and adults, who must keep in mind that the” floats are simple toys and that in no way should use in minors as an element of security.”” For a child from drowning only required 27 seconds and are five centimeters of water, so the constant supervision of an adult is irreplaceable”he said the authority, and added that” often floats provide a false sense of security, since these ” elements are not effective in preventing an accident”said Oyarce.Respecto to floats for use in arms (wings), and life jackets, the health authority said that”they are not considered in the legislation. However, it is relevant to note that they can only be used as a support so that children take more confidence in the water and in the process of learning to swim, but never as a substitute for adult supervision.”

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