translated from Spanish: Tlahuelilpan remains analysis will take at least half a year

the analysis of 53 human remains found after the explosion of a clandestine tap in the community of San Primitivo, Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo, “hard” they will be concluded before half a year, warned the Attorney of Hidalgo, Raúl Arroyo González.

“I can not approach or even of tentatively a time frame (for the delivery of results), this is very complex. But yes I think we can hardly conclude it within six months,”said the prosecutor about the process to be carried out on persons not yet identified.

in the area of the tragedy, federal and State authorities recovered 68 bodies and parts of victims during the morning of January 19, according to the Attorney General of Justice of Hidalgo (PGJH).
hidalgo closed 2018 as the State with more clandestine outlets; in 4 years increased 1,352% also identified 15 bodies so far Arroyo González said that you no more than they can deliver immediately.

the 53 unidentifiable human remains, which were moved from Tlahuelilpan to the medical forensic service (Semefo) of Pachuca, will be classified and analyzed the conditions in which each, is mentioned the Attorney.
Within days of the tragedy in Tlahuelilpan, residents still seek relatives later said, they will make a list of laboratories, including those of the PGJH, which will analyze the bones, he explained. To do so, it held meetings with staff of Mexico City and Mexico State.

The @PGJE_Hidalgo moved to Pachuca 53 human remains that rose in the damaged area, in Tlahuelilpan.
Agents of the State police and video surveillance system collaborated in these actions – sec PUB_HGO (@SSP_Hidalgo) 23 January 2019

Arroyo Gonzalez added that he would meet with the prosecutor general of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero, to know what services will support the State Attorney and distribute human waste for identification.

also said that remains that could not be analyzed in Mexico, probably so it will have to carry out studies abroad.
What happened in Tlahuelilpan? This is the chronology also mentioned that in one of the 15 identified bodies still had not been completed the delivery protocol.

the Attorney General of Hidalgo has started 69 research portfolios and received 62 DNA tests of people who have reported the disappearance a family member after the explosion in the vent of Pemex, located in an area of grassland of San Primitivo.

However, Arroyo Gonzalez did not rule out that there may be more people without locating.

“we have taken a lot of samples, which are people who have told us that they have a person who identify, but nor do we have the certainty that all the people are because perhaps there who does not have any close relative, there will be” who may not have heard, that they did not know that (its relative) was there (in the decision) “, it said.
“In other words, from here many hypotheses; generated also the numbers will not match. Hopefully coincide, I hope that in the end we should say ‘we had 53 remains and have 53 delivered remains’; that do not know, it would be ideal, but that do not know. On the way we will be finding this type of situation”, acknowledged the State official.

the facts, the number of deaths is 96 and 43 hospitalized in different facilities of the State of Mexico and the capital of the country.
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