translated from Spanish: Father of Julen suffers crisis after finding him lifeless in well

Spain-Jose Rosello, father of Julen, child 2-year-old who fell down a deep and narrow well on January 13 in total (Malaga), has been served this evening by a crisis of anxiety , according to knowledgeable sources of intervention have told Efe. Rosello has been attended by the medical team of an ambulance, without that have transcended details of its State or other data, after which rescue body, locate the small lifeless. José Roselló and Victoria Garcia, the child’s parents, carry several days hosted at a house in Totalan provisionally ceded by a neighbor since the progress of the works in the vicinity of the well forced to both leave the place near which were as the rescue of his son unfolded.
It should be remember that rescue bodies, worked tirelessly since Thursday afternoon, going down in shifts, two by two, in a metal cage, in order to excavate four metres in horizontal drilling and reach the well. On a mission unprecedented and sown risk, a group of miners from elite was this Friday very close to reach the well where 12 days ago fell a two-year-old boy in the South of Spain. Rescue teams located this morning without life the child who fell into a deep pit on January 13 in total (Malaga), Spain South, official sources said.

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