translated from Spanish: Plebiscite in La Rioja: the “Yes” enables the reelection of Governor

the referendum started from La Rioja officialdom took place. After knowing the results of the query in question, it was stated that the Governor of La Rioja, Sergio houses, you can apply this year for its re-reeleccion. With full counted table (899 on 907 enabled), the ‘yes’ that sought to achieve the amendment to the Constitution Act, 10,161 provincial and thus endorsing a new period of the current President, was enabled. The approval included a total of 69.104 votes (58,28%), while the “not” reaped 49.465 (41,72%) votes. Let us remember that the reform in question, which had already been approved by the provincial legislature, installed the possibility of indefinite re-election, something that constitutionally is only applicable in cases of Formosa, Catamarca and Santa Cruz.

Nothing more democratic and constitutional than a referendum. Today the town is to decide and that is what matters. I will always respect what the people say.— Sergio houses (@SergioGCasas) January 27, 2019 however, considering the fact that the query took part only 50% of the electoral roll (123.364 voters out of a total of 280.699), the adoption of the amendment are e ntiende represented 24.7% of the total number of voters, while the rejection only 17.68%. On the other hand the Challenger and null votes totaled 0.46 per cent (1291), the contested 0.18% (505) and 0.32% white (909). It remains to emphasize that the referendum, mandatory, was developed in 868 tables enabled in 204 schools in La Rioja.

Finished the elections and in a practice that certainly we will see this year, both the front for victory and change crossed accusations, where from the first support Governor homes, while on the other hand, the low turnout is he posed as a government failure. In dialogue with TN, the President of the Electoral Court of La Rioja, Luis Brizuela said: “the interpretation of the article of the Constitution made by the provincial government. That the amendment be rejected over 35% of the electoral roll to vote no and that did not happen.” As well as a few weeks ago the bastion of change in La Rioja presented an extraordinary appeal before the Supreme Court to let without effect the plebiscite in question, rather dismissed Friday 25 January, expected the Court to avoid measures the realization of this reform take its course in the coming weeks. In this article:

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