translated from Spanish: Political parties owed more than 400 mdp

almost all political parties started the year with debts, due to loans that borrowed last year to help finance during election campaigns of 2018. In total, due to different banks 430 million pesos, which will eventually pay in 2020.
Political animal made requests for information each party to know the Bank loans which were in force, when they will eventually repay them, banks that have appealed and to what use the money. PAN, PRI, Green Party (PVEM), citizen movement (MC) and meeting Social (PES) acknowledged having loans; the Labor Party (PT) denied it, but yes there earned him a bank loan to the National Electoral Institute (INE). While Morena, the PRD and new Alliance answered that they do not have any debt.
The law allows that, in addition to public money they receive each year, the parties resort to borrow. Control regulation of the INE only prohibits loans to be personal and to come of a physical or moral person, but article 100a regulates that financing from lending institutions, can be provided there is a formal, signed contract of directly, without intermediaries, between the party or coalition, and the Bank.
Electoral Advisor Benito Nacif explained in an interview that there is an obligation to inform and present such contracts to the technical control unit, which monitors its legality. It ruled out, however, that having money extra involves a risk of exceeding the campaign stops.
“The parties may, for example, to make transfers from its regular budget to campaigns, then have more money he can spend on a campaign. But we fiscalizamos that do not spend more than the CAP allows them. They can contract debt for their activities, but not therefore spend more,”he said.
Luis Carlos Ugalde, director of Integralia Consultores, an electoral expert believed that loans become “a table of salvation” for the parties when they have budget cuts or face fines of millions of dollars, and credit is a legal option.
BREAD, the bread is the debt that has more debt. While its presidential candidate was backed by two other parties, it failed to get its vote regarding 2012, and Congress took the least amount of legislators in two decades. National action asked two credits for 300 million pesos and last still December was 218 million 666 thousand 668, which will pay in March 2020.
“Loans were assigned to the last electoral campaign expenses,” he said via transparency.
White was the second party that more public financing last year, received a total of one thousand 281 million, of whom 414 were tagged for election campaigns, and even then asked banks 72% extra money.
The first loan was for $ 210 million, requested in February 2018, just at the end of the period known as intercampana, Bank interactions, chaired by Carlos Hank Rhon and mainly focused on lending to Governments. Until November of last year, the bread had paid 23 million 333 thousand 332 and was 186.7 million.
The second requested in April, already initiated the campaign, banking claims by 90 million pesos, of which had resulted in 58 until November and was still 32.
Two and a half years of debt for the first PRI El PRI answered by transparency had no debts or existing credits, however, after an appeal for review with the National Institute of access to information (INAI), rectified its response and acknowledged that he asked 170 millions of pesos in October of 2017, two months before they began the “pre-campaigns”.
In its third quarterly report on the origin and destination of the resources, filed with the INE on 12 November last, the PRI gives an account of the amount still owed, the second largest of all parties: 93 million 958 thousand 316 pesos.
This political body is borrowed while it was that more public financing received by 2018, mil 689.6 million, since had been the most voted in the previous federal election. After sinking the third presidential and finish with the least amount of legislators in its history, its budget for this year was reduced to half.
The loan was also purchased with Bank interactions, the PRI Hank Rhon. According to informed the PRI, the money went to recurrent expenditure of its activities, and will end up paying in may 2020, i.e., that it happened two and a half years in debt.
Citizen movement gave as guarantee its financing public other parties who requested money for campaigns is citizen movement, which Yes saw electoral fruits by winning its first governorship in Jalisco, and the largest number of Deputies and Senators that has had.
The Orange Party requested two loans which totaled 35 billion pesos, both to secure banking, which was tarnished by the controversy of the trust of Morena, opened in this banking institution.
The first requested it in may by 30 million, with two months of grace to start to pay, i.e., starting in August, once past the elections, and agreed to make 18 monthly deposits of 1 million 666.7 pesos, until complete cover their debt in March 2020.
One of the clauses of the contract details that MC gave instructions to the INE so that 100% of the financing that suits you during those months is deposited in a secure account. The party Treasury explained animal politician who as not to let any good collateral for the loan, agreed that public resources deposited intact in that account and the Bank copper which is owed each month.
“Destination: the end that will be for the amount of the credit, being to cover campaign expenses”, detailing the contract, copy of which was obtained.
He another loan asked him in June for 5 million more, with the same conditions and scheme of 18 monthly payments, these by 277.8 pesos, until March 2020.
“The amount of requested credit exceeds not permitted funding stops and destiny will be to finance activities of the party,” he said in another contract.
At the end of November, its outstanding debt is by 27 222 000 222 pesos, according to via transparency.
PVEM drag their fines from 2015 debt even if he had wanted, the Green Party not had been unable to borrow for past elections, since it still drags a loan which acquired in 2015 and that contract obliges it to “don’t assume, directly or indirectly, any additional debt that are assumed on the basis of the present”.
It’s a loan for 100 million pesos that applied to the fines it imposed the INE of more than 500 million for violation of the standards of control, and it was granted by Banco Multiva, of businessman Olegario Vázquez Aldir.
The Convention gave Green 12 months grace to start paying, and a calendar to be repaid in 48 months, i.e., four years later, in June 2019.
According to the scheme of payments provided in the contract, the party had to close last year with a debt of still 19 million pesos.
The PES is settled with a debt of 11 million although it was election allied with Morena, the party which swept and won the Presidency, PES failed for itself 3% of votes necessary to keep the registry and started a process of dissolution , but the end of the year still was 11 million 250 thousand pesos.
The party hired June 27, 2018, four days before the election, a credit of 15 billion pesos with Banco Azteca, owned by Ricardo Salinas Pliego. In November, he said via transparency that the deadline to pay its debt is six months.
“Credit was requested for the support of the ordinary activities of the party,” he said in response to a request for information. This money was added to 398.3 million which had total public financing in 2018, one of the lowest.
PT denies debt, but report it to the the labour party INE responded to the request of contracted credits that transparency “there are none existing nor for the year 2017, until 9 November 2018”.
However, three days after that date it filed INE their third quarterly report on the origin and destination of the resources, November 12, where reported in the category “bank loans” long term $ 60 million.
The PT was the party that year received less public financing last, just 376.8 million pesos, after having been ready to lose the registry for your bad results in the 2015 elections. But this time, its alliance with Morena helped him to achieve almost five times more members.
Morena, PRD and new Alliance, without the other Parties reported debts responded via transparency had credits in force at the time that they were consulted, last October, and before INE have not submitted quarterly reports in the report if they have acquired debt.
“After an exhaustive search in the archives of the Ministry of Finance of the Committee Executive national BRUNETTE, who as stated in article 38, paragraph d, of the Statute, is responsible for the administration of the resources of the Organization, it is made of his” knowledge that was not located any document that gives account of the information requested,”said the party of the President.
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