translated from Spanish: The cloud will protect you protect it to her?

document management in digital format is a great benefit for businesses of any size makes it easy for your partners, availability and mobility, but what about security?
Your information must be protected by access levels and surely your technological consultants will help you to implement the best scheme available for your needs.
But it may be you correct what you are offering in the cloud access security solutions, you can check, following these simple recommendations, the main steps of security of your document management in the cloud.

SSL certificates

the first thing you should do is verify that your cloud storage has an SSL certificate and is as easy to see that the address begins with HTTPS.
Surely you’ve seen browsers like Chrome have a ‘padlock’ in the address bar of the browser and the site you visit is not safe, you will show in red or with a message of «non-secure» site that you visit. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates validate that the information transmitted between the web server and the browser is encrypted so that it interfered with by third parties who can steal information.
pay more attention to your passwords
first security risk not only in storage in the cloud, but in all computer systems is that the users are using weak passwords. This means that the complexity to «guess» it is little or no. It is not strange that the users by easily put your name, your birthday or simply forget to use complex passwords, this facilitates an attack and thus the theft of information.
Never use the same password for all your accesses and uses a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. If your cloud storage has the option of checking in two steps, use it, but above all, don’t be sure that the password next to your equipment.
who can see what
as we mentioned before, your collaborators must have immediate access to masks and documents stored in the cloud, but who is watching what?
Keep a proper control of the accesses by privilege level and availability of files, it is essential to know clearly these privileges so you can give them and remove them in case of contingency unless you generate a breach of security that It can cause losses to your company.
Advice from an expert to verify steps are simple, but its implementation can be complex for someone with little or no technological knowledge. Go to a consultant with experience and knowledge in the subject, Japanese Kyocera offers a free TDS evaluation that will advise you to meet these needs of cloud storage to keep you and you feel safe.
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