translated from Spanish: They disqualify record of the assassination of Colosio and reveal alleged Gortari call Aburto

Mexico.-this Wednesday Mexicans against corruption and impunity (MCCI) managed to declassify the dossier of the criminal proceedings conducted against Mario Aburto for the murder of Luis Donaldo Colosio in 1994 in the State of Tijuana, which consists of nine thousand documents distributed in 10 volumes which contains meetings, testimonies, photographs and videos that were grouped by MCCI citizenship see them of broadly.

Special/MCCI in accordance with information published by various means, it was said that journalist Laura Sánchez Ley, had access to documents that run through the seven years of research of the Special Prosecutor for the Colosio case careos, are contained in the testimonies, photographs and excerpts from the preliminary inquiry that were not included in the public version of the PGR. This is 25 years of murder against the former PRI candidate. They say that through documents obtained by MCCI you can see the meetings, statements, police parties, tests and all the actions that were performed on the case.

Image special/MCCI image special/MCCI image special/MCCI reveal alleged Salinas de Gortari call to Mario Aburto also said that thanks to the declassified records was obtained knowledge, through a statement, the existence a supposed call Carlos Salinas de Gortari to Mario Aburto.» An agent that without being noticed by his colleagues told him that President Salinas de Gortari was on the phone and wanted to negotiate with him went to the declarant. To which the declarant would like the President he was going to give, but the voice had to be given to what he said and that preference had said that he had paid him a political party», it was noted in the file the above was posted by Repo RTE Indigo who also adds that one of the revelations says that the bodyguards of Luis Donaldo Colosio, Fernando De la Sota and Alejandro García Hinojosa belonging to the Omega group, changed his version of events, even the judge noted «arrogance» of the ex-agent Garcia Hinojosa during the confrontation with Mario Aburto.» Another revelation was that Jorge Antonio Sánchez Ortega, agent of the Center for investigation and national security of the Ministry of Interior (CISEN), was arrested by carry Colosio bloodstains in his jacket, who said initially that it was not carrying «weapons, however in the test of sodium Radizonato confirmed that the agent had lead in their hands». This information was obtained on the basis of the records that were obtained through requests for information to the judiciary and that you can see here.

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