translated from Spanish: Shots fired at owner of stained glass and

security home leave him wounded in Jacona, Michoacán shoot against owner of stained glass and leave him wounded in Jacona, Michoacán Jacona, Michoacán: the late on Thursday, the owner of a business or glass and aluminium was injured once gunmen fired against her to immediately escape with uncertain course.
The attack occurred in trade called “Glass and aluminium Los Angeles”, located in avenida Madero of the colonia Lomas de San Pablo, in this municipality of Jacona.
It transpired that unknown to be in sight to the victim they shot him repeatedly leaving him wounded.
Place in mention, was attended by paramedics of the Red Cross who provided first aid to Víctor Manuel C., 34-year-old neighbor of the sawmill the fractionation, who had several injuries on the face.
After stabilizing the patient relief workers took him to an ambulance and was transferred to the Mexican Institute of Social Security Clinic for their proper health care.
Public security agents were in charge of guarding the area and later members of the Attorney General undertook the respective proceedings.

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