translated from Spanish: Laguna Pai: «the idea of this project is to propose a different way of thinking and seeing things»

Composed of seven members and formed 10 years ago, the group that mixes the Andean sound with rock and reggae spoke with generation M after its successful presentation in Crown Sunset of Cachagua.
On the occasion the Peruvian band counted about rhythm and musical, the advent of social networks and digital platforms to the world of music and his next recording project.
«We do a little bit of fused reggae with rock and in some Andean instruments cases, Andean sounds and Peruvian sounds and lyrical content also there is much what happens in Latin America, in the world, we have a little bit of a share of culture» «Andean too, but in a very subtle, very sneaky way», says the vocalist of Laguna Pai, Mariano Palacios.
You feel that the people who listen to them also has some degree of sensitivity with what is happening in Latin America?
Yes, indeed, that is one of the purposes of our project from the outset, using music as a vehicle for social change, change of attitude, culture – slightly – in our society and the societies of people who listen to us. People identify with the message… in what sense?
With regard to what is happening in Latin America, because the letters are as constructive criticism to the excesses that produced the society. Indeed, as one of the subjects, the songs are rather open.
We also talk about things we see, what we feel, not everything is critical, upside down. There are many proposed, the idea of this project is to propose a different way of thinking and seeing things and be a little more human to live together more easily.
How did music with digital platforms? How is the scenario today?
Today there are windows and there are alternatives which before had not for broadcast. I.e., that is one of the charms we have today, that your music can sound in countries that neither you imagine, on the other side of the world while you wait, unless you make a lot of effort. But on the other hand I think that Yes, remains an industry in which there are still people that you can potentiate very quickly as in other genres, using the platform, using the festivals.

Festivals remain a great platform?
Clear, today live music is the main source of income of the band, it is no longer like before with the sale of records which is more obsolete, is a romance. There you take a print run of vinyl… It is just a little also the fact that the musician now has to go out to work and stand on stage and be tested. It is a vocation of service, we provide a service, depending on feelings, emotions.
How are income and social networks?
Even if you receive some money for digital platforms, you have to have millions of reproductions, many reproduction. You can still have a theme that is heard in all countries of the world in two days.
Digital platforms and social networks open you many doors today, help you measure also, have a lot of tools, generate a lot of data and help to show your identity because it generates a very close contact with the public. You can show your life, things that before nobody knew more than interviews or print media.
In what are now? do you have a new project?
We are on the fifth disc, we are recording it.
What the seal who want to build on this record?
We always try to explore new things, but inevitably have a style or a sound that people already identifies it and is a good thing too, because as you know, people become familiar with the sound of the band, but as always seek to explore and open new doors and new limits.
How Laguna Pai has managed to open the Chile border, leaving the differences partner policies between the two countries?
Look the truth, it is a question that always that make me it that way or in a similar manner as trying to find the why and how that happened us to the only thing that I get is that we have done it in a very sincere way. Then I think that doing something so very sincere people identify very easily.
Apart we have always promoted music union, ignore a prejudice and appreciate things outside, have empathy, or that what we seek to communicate through the lyrics, message I think is what most moves. The music is the vehicle, but in fact the message is what engages people. Because in the end you are looking for is to just not pass that no, there are no barriers between… because the here and I there or skin color… because if we do not promote that then what we do.

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