translated from Spanish: Mujica would agree to mediate in the conflict in Venezuela if Uruguay is required

The former President of Uruguay, José Mujica, said Friday that if requested by the Government of Tabaré Vázquez, would agree to mediate in the conflict in Venezuela to reach a peaceful resolution that restores the democratic balance and allow the cohorts vencia between ruling party and opposition.
“The only way that would seize (the role of mediator) is if my Government asked for it (…)” Democracy relies on an always fragile balance, but where the opposition can coexist with which eventually rules. When we lose that fragile balance the democracy that we know does not work”, said the former Senator in remarks to Radio Sarandi.
In this regard, proposed as output total elections, with the participation of all the people, but without as the current ruling chavista candidates, Nicolas Maduro, and the leader of the Parliament and self-styled interim President, Juan Guaidó.
“Ideally that had elections and is not none of these two characters, and that the people chose, because (otherwise) there will be revanchism (…), but it died in the soup”, added the tupamaro exguerrillero.
Mujica recalled that after the first world war “they put conditions to Germany”, which he described as “a disaster” that caused “pain” to the German people and “created the greenhouse to Nazism”, compared this scenario with sanctions to Venezuela United States and the strong international pressure against Maduro.
Non-U.S. companies that acquire oil to Venezuela through the financial system of USA or agents of this country, have until April 28 to end purchases, the Treasury Department announced Friday.
Treasury Note occurs after the sanctions imposed to the Venezuelan State oil company, Pdvsa, by Washington, which supposes an embargo in fact oil exports to U.S.
As a result of the sanctions, are confiscated revenues to be obtained from the sales of Venezuelan crude oil to the USA, who will be away to a trust managed by guided, whom Washington and about one thirty countries have recognized as representative legitimate since thus proclaimed himself the last 23 January, made that deepened the crisis in Venezuela.
“There is already a war by the fence that have made it to Venezuela, (…) Venezuelans are paying him already I think the path which goes in Venezuela is none other than the crushing of and that no assures tranquility to society and future”, stressed the agronomist by profession.
For Mujica, the lack of understanding between the ruling party and the opposition is aggravated by the fact that the Caribbean nation is “a piece in geopolitical game” International. “I think that in the U.S. the only point at which begin to be according to Democrats and Republicans, though they don’t say it (…), is that you can see that China has tripped them too and I think that this falls within the chapter of contradictions US-China”, said.
According to former Uruguayan President, “desperation for democracy” that is used as an argument is “a lid tail from the political to convince the masses, impact propagandisticamente point of view”.
“Basically there is a game of interests. I am not so poetic, it may be that I has passed to the other side, but well, the issue is how it comes out (of the crisis) “, he added.
Despite all the difficulties to reach a peaceful solution in a complex context, the politician advocated try for the sake of the Venezuelan people. “I think that we must try, hence that was achieved, I have my doubts. “I think to the future, more reasonable because if not, may be a conflict for many years”, concluded.

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