translated from Spanish: Texas: Catholic Church identifies 286 priests abusers

Texas-leaders of the Catholic Church in Texas identified today 286 priests and other ecclesiastical positions, which have allegedly sexually abused minors along the last decades. Fifteen dioceses of the State, including Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, revealed the names of the religious who allegedly abused children and adolescents, as part of a campaign launched in August 2018, when a Pennsylvania Court did public cases of 300 priests who allegedly did the same thing.” The Bishops of Texas have decided to publicize the names of these priests at this time because it is right and fair, with the aim of offering recovery and hope to those who have suffered”, today said in a release the cardinal Daniel DiNardo, Diocese of Galveston-Houston. 

Catholic leaders in Texas Thursday, January 31, 2019, identified 286 priests and other accused of sexually abusing children, a figure that represents one of the largest collections of names that will be published from an explosive grand jury report year last in Pennsylvania. For its part, the Rev. Michael Olson, AP photo of Fort Worth, said in a letter to his parishioners that he feels “deeply embarrassed past blunders by those responsible for leadership in the Church failed to protect children”. After the publication of the judicial report on the State of Pennsylvania in August, about 50 dioceses around the country have posted lists with names of more than 1,200 priests accused of sexual abuse of minors. In that document, the Pennsylvania jury criticized that all identified cases were shelved by the leaders of the Church “who preferred to protect the abusers and the institution, above all”. 

Photo Archive/AP as result of the cover-up, almost all of the cases were too old to be tried, since most predate the year 2000.the Episcopal Conference in the country then announced a comprehensive plan to deal with the “moral disaster” that you have within the American Church after the scandal of sexual abuse uncovered children in Pensilvania.Por its part, the Vatican described as “criminals” of priests abuse children described in the report of Pennsylvania and considered that “it should be assumption of responsibility”of the abusers and those who”allowed they occur”. Following the scandal, several Catholic congregations in the States of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New York have made known the identities of priests involved in such activities and have condemned the acts.

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