translated from Spanish: The CNTE returns to take the railway in Michoacán

despite the agreement to lift blockades railway and the installation of the tripartite work table in the Secretariat of public education, teachers of the national coordinator of education workers) CNTE), (SEP), returned to block three points of railway in Michoacan.
According to the report of the Secretariat of public security, blocked the way of railroad points are located in the municipalities of Uruapan, Patzcuaro, and Churchill.

with this blockade, the railway runs in the State meet this Friday 19 days semiparalizadas.
Lee: CNTE agrees to release the train tracks, but keeps encampment and work stoppage in Michoacan this Thursday, the State leader of the CNTE, Víctor Zavala, announced determination to retreat from the rail stretches occupied since January 14.

the agreement taken in Assembly has not been abided fully by teachers, who on Thursday night and the early hours of Friday withdrew, but this morning have returned to be placed on the tracks.

during the early hours of Friday, the Governor Silvano Aureoles, announced that during the tripartite table specific offerings, many of them economic, became teachers and relied on that to be reported to the Foundation, the demonstrations and labor stoppage to conclude.
Lee: Railway lines are your responsibility, responds Aureoles the holder of the SCT by the case of locks of the CNTE in addition to three outlets on the railways that are registered, teachers keep the sit-in outside the Government Palace and town councils and official decision Rent offices.
According to the Magisterium, the State Government has accumulated debts to State education workers from 2015. Another claim of the CNTE is that Michoacan fearfully lack job security, because they have no basis for five years.
On Wednesday, January 30, the Government of Michoacan freed resources for payment debits with state key teachers, which added, according to the State Secretariat of education, 1.230 billion pesos.
With information from Notimex.
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