translated from Spanish: Hector Sandarti reveals the rudeness that Fernando Colunga did to him

Mexico.  Hector Sandarti promotes his YouTube channel Something to say with Sandarti and in it talks about anecdotes in his career, such as the one that he had to live with Fernando Colunga, protagonist of successful novels such as Alborada, together with Lucero.Héctor Sandarti, actor and television driver, mentions that he and Colunga began to take their first steps in show business at about the same time and in those years shared castings , interviews and were often seen on many occasions.
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And on one of those occasions, Colunga and Sandarti chatted amenably, the latter says in their channel, and suddenly he left his side and left him practically “with the word in his mouth”, which caused in him surprise and a little discomfort, but that is something that is often given among people and happened to him.

Fernando, originally from Mexico City, always arrived flawless, in a suit, polished shoe, tie, scented, moved safely and elegatia,” Sandarti says in Something Good to say with Sandarti, and remembers what Colunga previously told him as a disrespect that Colunga did to him, he says. Read more: Susana Zabaleta says that Raquel Olmedo is no longer intubated Hector explained that Colunga, after looking at a famous producer, ran to say hello and that was why she left the convesación.
I said, what’s up with Fernando that leaves me here talking to myself? He’s already up, and partly what’s up? If no one knows him!” says Hector, who has participated in soap operas such as Health, Money and Love and has hosted shows like Today and A New Day.

Today, Hector celebrates that Fernando Colunga is considered a great actor, which he has earned because he was always very entrepreneurial, hardworking, persistent and above all talented and recognized in Mexico, the United States and other countries. Sandarti is originally from Guatemala and at the age of twenty officially began his career as an actor, driver and also singer, only in the latter facet he preferred not to follow and give himself in full time to the others. Subscribe here to DISNEY PLUS

Original source in Spanish

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