translated from Spanish: They believe that the detainee by Valeria Coppa femicide was helped to flee

Mariano Cordi, arrested in the area of Challhuaco Valley by Valeria Coppa, Bariloche femicide, “do not speak” and presents a picture of “severe dehydration”, although “n or have serious injuries,”said this Friday the Prosecutor of the unit of crimes against people of Bariloche, Betiana judicial officer held a press conference in which added that it seeks to determine if he had help from someone in the first segment of his flight. Speaking alongside of the Attorney General of Rio Negro, Jorge Crespo, and law enforcement officials who were in charge of the search, Cendon explained that Cordi was located 350 metres from the Summit of Mount Challhuaco and 300 of the place where it had last night found his belongings, including documents, cards and marijuana. Cendon told the search focused in that area once an effective of the Federal Police, which was of franco in his particular bike yesterday found a backpack of the suspect. The raking was carried out in the area of the Challhuaco Valley with trained dogs, staff body of special operations and rescue of the provincial police, gendarmerie, Federal Police and the national parks administration staff, who collaborated with helicopters.
“He was leaving traces with clothes: first find the pants, then a diver and then gave him”, Cendon explained.

“The detainee said that he was evacuated and transferred to the hospital of Bariloche, where, according to a recent medical report, is assisted by a”severe dehydration”box, although it had no injuries.” Do not speak, he only asked for water”, said the judicial official, who added that from the evidence obtained in the case convinced that Cordi was the author of the femicide of Coppa and that the next step is to find out whether she had received help from someone in the first segment of his flight What was considered “likely”. In this note:

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