translated from Spanish: How to increase online sales through a content strategy?

with the rise and establishment of Internet s called new methods so that companies achieve greater and better uptake of new consumers of their products and services.
Web pages, social networks and mobile applications became almost obligatory standards for any organization that wants to reach more audience.
But today, is not just about creating community, but of how convert giving a benefit to the community. For that, it is important to have an excellent marketing strategy of content that allows directing a continuous flow deliver traffic to our web site or online store, that you address and focus our efforts on content marketing.
When we talk about content strategy, we must think beyond making people from accessing a landing page, we must pursue a deeper strategy to target them to specific sections of our web site. And analyze the results on a regular basis to optimize the strategy current, not enough only with generate and distribute content to drive traffic.
Within this analysis, it is important to carry out an investigation through search engines to understand our audience, a vital task for the content. So we can know which topics are relevant to the target audience that you want to have an impact, what worries them, about what they want to know.
The combination of a good content and marketing content strategy will work together to help us achieve our goals. Content marketing efforts will direct the traffic to our site and once they get there, our site content strategy will work to convert that traffic into potential customers, supporters and customers.
A very important to guide our content marketing is having a strong strategy SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that is relevant and related to the objectives of the brand and not neglect their users.
The SEO is all the optimization of your web site, the content and the technical structure for better positioning in search engines, type Google, Yahoo and others.
The importance of having a strategy must develop a strategy which analyse what type of content will create, where to distribute them, and what part of our site or shop online will link to them. It is essential to measure the success of this, to refine our content marketing.
From we work to measure all the efforts that we made from digital, pondering how each channel impacted on the acquisition of a new client. Last year, organic traffic increased 30% thanks to the strategy of SEO and content, at the regional level.
Our content strategy is focused on providing a benefit to our community and break down the myths about e-commerce and visual health, provided a tool that contributes to decision making and final purchase of our consumer, always ensuring that the shopping experience is positive.
Weather: key to convert our content marketing cannot be oblivious to the context in which that consumer is doing his “digital travel or digital journey”, so when you get that communication is very important, especially at the time of Laguz AR a conversion/purchase of our product or service.
To do this we must synchronize the communication to make it more relevant, this is accomplished with:
1) the correct content, it is important to use different formats: videos, photographs, computer graphics, live, among others.

2) the correct perspective;

3) at the right time.
I invite you to think about your content strategy and thus make more effective their content marketing, investing time to analyze and inform the consumer and thus achieve measurable objectives that will collaborate with increasing customer base and improve without doubt the strategy Digital carried out.
We can always improve our strategies, optimize our resources and grow. Go ahead!

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