translated from Spanish: The Koala is officially declared as extinct

By means of a statement, the Australian Koala Foundation indicated that the number of koalas that continue on earth is only 1%, since between 1890 and 1927 they were hunting. The president of the AKF, Deborah Tabart, said the foundation does not believe that there is any possibility of more than 80000 koalas in the wild in Australia, this because of the hunt. By means of a statement, signed by the president of the AKF, Deborah Tabart, indicates that the number of live koalas currently is only 1 percent of those who were hunted and sent to London between 1890 and 1927.Es difficult to calculate precisely how many koalas subtract in This region. Koalas are a species vulnerable to deforestation, diseases and effects of climate change. The term of functionally extinct, refers to situations of danger for the species, as it is that its population decreases to the point of no longer play an important role in the ecosystem

For millions of years the koalas had been vital in the eucalyptus forests, eating the upper leaves, while on the forest floor, their excrement contributed to the important nutrient recycling.  

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