translated from Spanish: Mature asks to call legislative elections by crisis of camera «bourgeois»

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said Saturday that the chavista National Constituent Assembly (ANC) want to «pre-empt» the parliamentary elections this year and «crisis» that says exists in the «legislative used s»that controls the opposition and announced that supports this idea.
«You know the crisis having the National Assembly Parliament (AN), the bourgeois legislative power, the constituent Assembly has on its agenda constitutional, historical and political assessment to call an advancement of parliamentary elections this same «year, I agree», said before thousands of followers.
The ruling made this statement in the context of the political crisis that broke out when the head of the Parliament, the opponent Juan Guaidó, announced on 23 January that assumed the powers of the Executive as President in charge as the Chamber considered that you mature» it usurps»the presidency after elections»illegitimate».
«Mature said that he asked the ANC – a forum formed only by chavistas and not recognized by the political opposition and many Governments – which will pave the way toward new parliamentary elections with a few»open cabildos»for» the people «this» political decision».
«It legitimises the legislative power of the country and to go into free elections, guarantees and the village decide for a new National Assembly (Parliament), are you agree?» I agree and I resteo (defend) with that decision (…) do want advancement of elections? We go to elections because», said.
Also said that this «constitutional output» what it considers a crisis of the legislature seem «extraordinary, democratic and free» and said that it can be «consensual in a table of dialogue with the opposition».
However, the political opposition, led by guided, has refused to go to a dialogue and has said it will only talk to the chavismo under the condition that Maduro leave to «usurp» the Presidency, opens step to a transitional Government and that «free elections» are held .

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