translated from Spanish: «Amlo will offer support debtors of Infonavit

a plan to assist those who have debts with the Institute of the National Housing Fund for workers (Infonavit) will be presented this week, informed President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.» On Tuesday will announce a program to help those who have credit from Infonavit and nobody is going to deprive of their homes, no one,»he said during an event in Cordoba, Veracruz, on Sunday.

«There is much concern because those who have credits of Infonavit, pay and pay and pay and do not end up paying,» held over perceptions that he has heard in his tours by Mexico.the delinquencies of mortgage loans is considered as a debt of 91 days or more from the last date of payment and is the reason why the Infonavit may require the delivery of a property. For this 2019 Infonavit mortgages balances will have gains of expected inflation and not by recently announced the minimum wage higher. 2016-2017, the unit of measure updated (UMA), which is modified based on the rate of inflation, had an increase of 3.35 per cent, but from last year to 2018, the increase has been from 6.76 percent.

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