translated from Spanish: Vergara defends herself for watching the Classic from a wedding

Guadalajara, Mexico.- The president of the Chivas of Guadalajara, Amaury Vergara, broke the silence days after he was criticized for having watched the most important match for his team, the National Classic, since the celebration of a wedding. Through his social networks, Amaury Vergara explained the controversial images that were released when he watched the match that his Chivas lost since a wedding and made it clear that at no time did he have inappropriate behavior and that on the contrary he was aware of his club’s most important match against the hated rival.
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Faced with the distortion of information about where I saw the classic: Family to me is a pillar, it is an essential value in my life and in Chivas. On Sunday I accompanied my cousin brother on his marriage liaison, without missing a moment of the game and operating remotely,” he wrote on Twitter.

Read more: El Necaxa announces the dismissal of José Guadalupe Cruz for bad resultsVergara showed in his publication that he attended the wedding because he was a close relative, but I make it clear that at no time did he lose his temper and that I also do not lack the values at any time.

I didn’t get booed, I retired at a cautious hour. Values, example and consistency are and will continue to be axes of my management always.”

On Sunday the Chivas lost the Classic 3-0 to America leaving a bad impression on the court and being widely surpassed by the Eagles who won with a Henry Martin double and an annotation by Sebastián Córdova.

Message from Amaury Vergara following the controversy of the National Classic/@Amauryvz

On Monday, Amaury Vergara had already stood up for the Chivas’ poor performance in the National Classic apologising to the love of the Holy Flock’s bad match.
Yesterday’s game was a disaster. Chivas did not live up to the classic or show the commitment demanded by Guadalajara. We are in enormous debt to our trust.”

Read more: Lovely! Norma Palafox demonstrates its beauty on off-road vehicle After losing the National Classic between the Americas, the Chivas march in the thirteenth position of the general table with 12 points after eleven days in the Tournament Guard1anes Clausura 2021, staying at the moment outside the repechage positions to advance to the league of the MX League.

Amaury Vergara saw the Classic from her cousin’s wedding on a computer

Original source in Spanish

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