translated from Spanish: Run over to skateboarding on Avenida Chapultepec user

a user of scooter or skateboard died after being run over by a motorist Sunday morning on Avenida Chapultepec and Florence, colonia Juárez, in the city of Mexico.
According to a report by reform, a taxi driver was arrested at the corner of the streets of Hamburg and Seville, as the alleged responsible, and is put at the disposal of the public prosecutor’s Office.
Witnesses, according to the daily, said driver coils with your car to the man that eventually died, and at the time escaped from the place, although then police arrested him and placed the cab, aided by the material of the C5 camera system.
Reviewing inside the taxi, were found documents proving that the detainee is the owner.
According to Millennium, the deceased is a man of 28 years.
Operate different systems that by means of an application, users can use electric skateboards or scooters, to perform transfers in the city of Mexico.
Andrés Lajous, Secretary of mobility of the capital of the country, released a statement last February 2, where it was indicated that temporary permits for the operation of this type of electric skateboards, would give the administration of Claudia Sheinbaum to the expected to be ready in March the new rules of operation.

In recent days, there has been an intense discussion on the regulation of free bicycles and electric skateboards. In @CDMX_Semovi transparentamos existing documentation and let the clear rules. – Andrés Lajous (@andreslajous) February 2, 2019 considered points, will be the request firms accident and civil liability insurance policy, to provide the service in addition to the SEMOVI «request to the» electric skateboards and bicycles without anchor companies perform culture and communication campaigns on the responsible use of these vehicles».
Last December, were recorded at least six cases of cyclists who died to be struck in the city of Mexico.
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