translated from Spanish: A detainee for attempted abduction of women by the underground

the solicitor of the city of Mexico, Ernestina Godoy, said Monday that there is already a person detained for his alleged responsibility in attempted abduction of women on the Mexico City Metro.
“we have stopped someone because, since the day yesterday, it is linked to the process, put him by kidnapping, aggravated robbery, attempt to deprivation of liberty”, mentioned Godoy in interview with Azucena Uresti, in his Radio program Formula.

“The detainee is fully identified,” said Godoy, although not detailed where took place the capture, or in which line or subway station occurred aggressions which is charged, among them also facing attacks of a sexual nature.

Account of Twitter in the Attorney-General, mentioned Monday that “a man was linked to process a judge of control after stealing the phone, money and make touching a woman in streets of Cologne city sports, Mayor Benito Juárez” , but the Prosecutor said not if it is the same case.

In addition to the detained person, the Prosecutor said they have portrait spoken of another suspect, by the attempts of kidnapping in the Metro.

Godoy explained that, until the evening of Monday, were recorded at least 13 reports of women who suffered attempted abduction in the subway or in surrounding areas.

The city official said that even does not define if the attempts of kidnapping in Metro are the work of a band, or a form of organized crime, although investigations continue.
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