translated from Spanish: Low inflation; raises the confidence of the consumer

the National Institute of statistics and geography (INEGI) reported that during January 2019 – at the end of the second month of Government Andrés Manuel López Obrador – was recorded an annual inflation rate of 4.37%, the lowest level since December 2016, when was 3.36%.
In terms of the comparative monthly, according to the national index of prices to the consumer, in 2018 January inflation rose 0.53%, and in January of this year, the rise was less than 0.09%.
Inflation in the first month of the year was the result of the increase of agricultural like onion and serrano chile, which was partially counteracted by low on gasoline, air transport, tourism packages and domestic gas LP.
Products with higher prices upward in January – compared to December – were Serrano peppers (67.23%), onions (29.94%), other chiles fresh (16.84), bananas (10.20%), right by the water supply (2.22%), foreign bus (1.72%) and cars) (1.44%).
While the products with higher monthly variation on the downside were Green Tomato (35.20%), air transport (32.26%), tomato (14.87%), tourism services in package (11.64%), domestic gas LP (2.52), sugar (2.51%) and low-octane gasoline (2.40%), between others.
As the indicator of consumer confidence, which citizens reflected its expectations on the economic situation of the country, recorded during January of 2019 a monthly growth of 1.9 points
in seasonally adjusted terms, the INEGI reported.
In its annual comparison, in the first month of 2019 index showed an increase of 11.1 points
with seasonally adjusted figures, to settle at 46 points. According to the Reforma newspaper economics section, it is the highest level of this indicator since September 2001.
On the concept of «economic situation in the country today, compared with the of 12 months ago», was recorded in January, a variation on the rise of 5.1 points over the previous month.
INEGI reports appear when Lopez Obrador is about to meet the first 70 days of his Government, in which different analysts and opposition politicians have criticized decisions such as the cancellation of the construction of the international airport of Mexico , and the plan for Pemex, whose credit rating was reduced by the Fitch Agency.
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