translated from Spanish: Paloma Mami: «I’m single, single to the grave. Single, but never alone»

Paloma Mami occupied Instagram account to chat with his fans and clarify their doubts, because the singer made a video live, in which answered all sorts of questions about it and explained rumore s.En transmission also involved her sister, Sofía Castillo, who was in charge of reading the questions. It is noteworthy that Paloma Mami was very comfortable answering each query and even had time to joke. One of the doubts that more was repeated by his fans was whether the singer was unmarried, what Paloma Castillo said «I am single, single to the grave. Single, but never alone.» Also clarified that it had no contacts in the music market. «No, in my family we had anyone known which did music. We knew nothing of the world of music. Why I never before dared»said the singer’s trap. It was then consulted by your taste for men to what she told «what matters most to me is that they make me laugh. If you make me laugh, I’m with you. To respect women, kill me sexist comments. And that is well dressed.» On this last point, said that «better than I, impossible to be seen. But that is my level. «The first thing you look at are the slippers, if you use chalas, bye» added. He also denied rumors that came to Bad Bunny to sing at the Festival de Viña 2019. «They have spoken much of that here, but still I have not said. I have no formal invitation. I think that the rumor was because once I said I liked their music»said Castillo.Finalmente, his fans also asked him if had performed surgery to which she replied»although they do not create it, and always doubt it, I’m proud to be 100% natural, always. Since puberty I have had this body, but there is something wrong with being operated.»

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