translated from Spanish: «I’m afraid, but I am not a coward»: new banner in Tijuana by AMLO

Mexico.-then that appeared a second banner with threat of death against the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador supposedly by a criminal group in Tijua NA, the same Tabasco reiterated that it will not increase their safety, despite public opinion and even the same citizenship. Lopez Obrador said thank heart and sincere way to people who care about this issue, but said that it is not a reckless man, since he said be careful, for where it is always the people accompanying. In addition to caring for their behavior in general, but emphasized that as President need to have communication with people, because its Government already began a process of transformation in the country, which is not going to stop.
We will not let ourselves intimidate, he said.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador «I said, also, once here, and I say again it: I’m afraid as all human beings.» It is not true that for those who are not afraid, I’m afraid, but I am not a coward, that Yes. And I have discounted the issue, have it discounted, because if not, it could not do anything, I would have to stay in my house, locked up there.
No, no, no, he asserted.

That is why the President will leave clear when one has fear must be overcome it, facing adversity, and be well with our conscience. «If one does not do evil to anyone, why is one to be worried. If you have no enemies, if no one hates anyone, has no one why have a problem; that is, depends on that, and other things», added.

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