translated from Spanish: Prosecutor Carlos Stornelli, investigated by extortion

if someone had doubts that the political pulse of a 2019 election would come from the hand of the justice, today is perhaps over convince. Following a complaint the judge Ramos Alejo Padilla takes charge, the prosecutor Carlos Stornelli (the same hours ago accepted the former accountant of marriage how repentant Kirchner) is being investigated for extortion.  Asserting his friendship with prosecutor Carlos Stornelli was that Marcelo D’Alessio, a media lawyer who represented his counterpart Luis Fariña, among others reportedly asked the payment of 500,000 dollars to the agricultural producer Pedro Etchebest.La requested would have been to change that Stornelli not investigate the alleged involvement of Etchebest in crimes that were mentioned (in condition of repented) by Juan Manuel Campillo, former President of the ONCCA (national agricultural trade Control Office) as Minister of finance, Santa Cruz.

Marcelo D’Alessio, lawyer close to Stornelli, had arranged the payment of $300,000 with a businessman to not be investigated.

Campillo said Pedro Etchebest as «collector» of those owners of livestock orientation courses «in Exchange for benefits» of the Office concerned. Record by extortion of pain, Alejo Ramos Padilla, federal judge directs is also accused in the own Stornelli understanding that delivery of money would have materialized in a seaside resort of Pinamar, allegedly made documented in photographs the responsible lawyer has in his possession.
The judge will now have to prove whether the Prosecutor has or does not have responsibility in the alleged extortion. In addition to the images it would have also found payments developed in two hotels, for a total of 9,700 dollars. Both tickets and payment would be recorded in a film. As a result of this was that you ruled one of the main journalistic cause researchers as Horacio Verbitsky, current is President of the Center for legal and social studies.
«In dialogue with the 530 AM, Verbitsky said that» is photographed and filmed the delivery of dollars from the businessman to the intermediary of Stornelli, even were the custodians of the Prosecutor himself there «.» There is evidence that Stornelli came together with the entrepreneur he asked USD 500,000, it is very serious. «Everything in the case, according to denounce is a common practice that Stornelli asked money to entrepreneurs to not involve him in the cause», concludes the journalist. In this note:

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