translated from Spanish: Child appeal on Road: “help my dad, is sick”

Sonora.-a tragic story reported elements of the Federal Police, when a 12-year-old boy approached with tears and harrowing screams and them saying “help my dad, is sick, please” help”. It was when attended to provide first aid and found that man who was heading to Sinaloa, had already died inside a pickup truck by a probable heart attack. The incident took place at 08:40 hours at kilometer 241 international highway, when adult 55 years and his son moved to his house and it was when the man began to feel bad and told small that something happened in their health.

The driver of the truck told his son that he was wrong and parked to the side of the road where he died. | Courtesy Fortunately, adult decided not to continue driving and decided to park the truck, black color and brand Ford Expedition with plates from the State of California, on the side of the road, at the height of the village of cibuta, opposite the school Ab elardo L. Rodriguez.

In that time, the child looks like life is going to his father and runs into a patrol of the Federal Police, with tears and cries of desperation asked to help his father who was ill. Agents are apresuaron to get into the vehicle and tried to resuscitate him, but they said that it was impossible that we will provide medical services, because the man had already died. The baby crying moved to policemen, little had to be comforted by the people who lived through that tragic moment. The elements of public security, the State police and the Federal Police Division roads hiding place where took place the desceso adult, until the arrival of the doctor Foresnse service and the public prosecutor’s Office.

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