Government of Gabriel Boric appoints priest Felipe Berríos in the National Coordination of Camps of the Ministry of Housing

Through a statement signed by the provincial of the Society of Jesus, it was reported that the new government led by President Gabriel Boric asked the priest Felipe Berríos to join one of the calve programs of the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism.
Berríos, who will continue to live in La Chimba in Antofagasta, although he would travel to Santiago if necessary, will head a new national work program in Chile’s camps.
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It is worth mentioning that the Jesuit priest is an activist and writer, known for his work as chaplain and founder of the organizations Techo and the Institute of Popular Formation and Training (Infocap).
“We entrust to Felipe this mission that he will carry out as a Jesuit at the service of our country, so that he can contribute with his experience and work in the development of a more just and solidary Chile at the service of the poorest,” they said from Jesuits Chile.
The new Minister of Housing Carlos Montes (PS) expressed, at the end of the ecumenical ceremony in the Metropolitan Cathedral, that “we are setting up a team to see globally (the housing deficit) as a national, inter-ministerial challenge, and he would play a role within that team.”
Meanwhile, the Governor of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Claudio Orrego (DC), congratulated Berríos for his new role in the government. “Those of us who know of his leadership, empathy and courage know that he will be a tremendous contribution to advancing this difficult and complex problem,” he said.
“That families living in camps can own decent housing is Chile’s moral debt. No one better than a leader like Sj Felipe Berríos to lead this effort, having dedicated his life to this purpose,” added Senator Matías Walker (DC).

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