translated from Spanish: “Yellow Jackets” return to take to the streets in France

A thirteenth consecutive week, “Yellow Jackets” took to the streets across France this Saturday (09.02.2019), but with a clear decline in its convening power. First thing you could see on the Champs Elysées in Paris, several hundred people, a figure that is it far from the tens of thousands who met weeks ago. From there they will advance towards the Eiffel Tower.
“We must not give up, we must win to have more fiscal and social justice in this country,” said Serge Mairesse, a retiree from Aubervilliers near Paris, carrying a banner demanding the restoration of the tax on the fortune, which the French President Emmanuel Macron reduced substantially. “This movement expresses the authentic social anger in this country, people who never heard,” added the 63-year-old man.
The column departed at 10.30 p.m. (local time) from the star plaza and cut off traffic on the Champs-Elysees to the cry of “police, with us! The police, with us!”and started walking downhill with stops planned before the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Assembly and the Senate to culminate in the Champ de Mars around 17.00 hours.
National call outside the capital, in Bordeaux and Toulouse, mobilizing traditional poles and where there were clashes in recent weeks, have been also called protests. There are also events in Montpellier, Lille, Nantes, Rennes, Brest, Caen and Lorient. In the latest protest, February 2, national call reached 58,600 people, according to authorities, although protesters claim 116,000.
From a first gear, on 17 November, which 287.710 people participated, the movement has been transformed and now puts to test its resistance divided between those seeking to take a political form and the more radical, which directed their criticisms to the President, Emmanuel Macron. According to a survey released Thursday, two of every three French (64 percent) support the movement.

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