translated from Spanish: Located in Guanajuato to missing teenager in Chiapas

reform, Chiapas.-the Attorney General State (FGE), in coordination with the Attorney General of Justice of the State of Guanajuato, he managed in the last hours the a merican recovery Cente reported as missing in the municipality of reform, Chiapas.Ante this prosecution appeared Ana Maria “n” to report the Commission of criminal acts (missing person) committed on grievance of minor 13-year-old daughter, by events in the new colony Hope for the municipality of reform, originating the corresponding record of care.

The mother reported the disappearance of the minor in Chiapas and was found within hours. | Pixabay on the instructions of the Attorney general Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca, the Prosecutor’s Office of district North began the intelligence and operational actions to find the whereabouts of the child, who in the last hours was located at Salamanca, Guanajuato, and then put at the disposal of the Prosecutor of the public prosecutor.

According to the first investigations, the aforementioned minor was his home accompanied by a person of the male sex, who initially claimed to be his uncle and later his girlfriend. The teenager was transferred by the Ministerial police in Chiapas to the municipality of reform to deliver it to her mother, who thanked the intervention of the Attorney general Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca for localization and recovery of his daughter. On the instructions of the Attorney general Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca, the social representation continues venting of investigation proceedings to protect the integrity of the child, as well as carrying out psychological assessments that contribute to its inclusion in the family nucleus. It should be noted that these actions are derived from the effectiveness of the work of the Bureau of security headed by Governor Rutilio Escandón every day in order to ensure the tranquility of the Chiapas, in which participates the Attorney general Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca, to attend and monitor allegations of citizenship. With these actions the General State Prosecutor’s Office confirms its commitment to the Chiapas to ensure the rule of law and ensure the legal safety of the young people, adolescents and children of Chiapas.

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