translated from Spanish: Rescuing a kidnapped in Sonora and detain suspects

Hermosillo, Sonora.-a man who was kidnapped in Hermosillo, was rescued during an operation, in which arrested three alleged kidnappers, in Navojoa.La operation was performed by person of the specialized unit on combating kidnapping and extortion (UEC), Attorney General of Justice of the State (FGJE), with the support of elements of the Ministerial Agency of Criminal investigation (AMIC). The facts are sucitaron on 27 January in the morning, when the handicapped, reserved identity, was deprived of his liberty in Hermosillo by three men who paid the rental service, then that he was subjected to violence using weapons. After depriving him of liberty in their own car Volkswagen Vento, model 2019, individuals made calls to the family of the driver and demanded money, as payment of ransom in Exchange for freeing him. They threatened to cause damage to the plaintiff, even to kill him if not accessing its claims. Unfortunately during his captivity was tortured physically and psychologically to the extent of being burned with gasoline in part of his body; After negotiations was released and rescued in the city of Navojoa.Gracias to the family of the driver went promptly to report the facts to the unit specialized in the fight against kidnapping and extortion were unable to provide advice and care in the time of crisis, ddemas carry out the investigations and operations that produced, in first instance, the rescue of the victim alive, only with burns and a strong nervous breakdown. It is worth mentioning that these same individuals are processed for various offences of theft with violence in individuals as regards illicit vehicle of mechanical propulsion and illegal deprivation of liberty, committed to the detriment of a driver of vehicle rental, in facts that occurred in January.

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