translated from Spanish: Jeff Bezos blamed journal associated with Trump’s blackmailing him with intimate photos with her lover

Jeff Bezos, recognized as the owner of the largest Fortune Global, and CEO of Amazon, said that the National Enquirer as to menazo with publishing intimate photos of him – and involving her lover, Lauren Sanchez – if not it withdrew to its private renowned tabloid newspaper investigators. Bezos told what happened through the platform, and accused the Enquirer’s “extortion and blackmail”. From the complaint the private investigators investigate, now, how the Enquirer got the texts. Note that the struggle between the medium associated with Donald Trump and the multi-millionaire, who also owns the Washington Post, takes years, since this last medium has been particularly critical of the management of the American President, which has taken him to face Bezos on several occasions. The director General de Amazon also told that the parent company of the Enquirer (AMI) tried to accept an agreement in Exchange for the Middle not finally published intimate photographs. In this agreement Bezos had to say in a statement that “I have no knowledge or Foundation” to assert that published in the newspaper was politically motivated, in relation to a prior coverage of the environment, on the richest man of the world than extramarital relationship led to their divorce. Note that, as to the National Enquirer, is the medium that was accused of bribing a Playboy model who is said to have had an extramarital relationship with Donald Trump in a tried to hide history.

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