translated from Spanish: It would be banished by burning garbage

Those who call on the municipal authorities of Culiacan for the conflict of garbage burning and other irregularities are the neighbors of the Morelos colony, so they call on the manager of Municipal Works and Public Services, Manuel Ochoa Salazar, to give them a solution to the problems that have been living for a long time , as they ensure that there are people who burn garbage in the streets and this creates nonconformity among settlers who do not support the smoke that is generated, as the same danger that causes fire. If you live the same problem in your colony and want to reach a solution, you can report this type of bronch to the authorities of the municipality to «fon» (667) 7587600.> Fed up with insecurity
In the colony Ampliación 12 de Octubre de Los Mochis walk behind the Shakira pa’ that is avient the blind, deaf-mute in the region, yes, pa’ not feel «muina», because of the backwardness in which the chacas of Ahome have to this sector, where the neighbors claim that there is fed up with insecurity and a lot of failures in public services , not counting the waste plots that give the place a jungle look. As the needs are on several fronts, please ask Mayor Billy Chapman on the (668) 8164009, so see if he can get the Colombian to come or as he sees, if he gets more «bara» to send his people to meet his chamba in the enlargement, «pos» that better does this, comes out!
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> Mango theft
If you have a mango orchard in the agricultural area of Rosario, take care of it. With the proximity of the end of the season, the product has been quoted and thus increases the threat of looting. It has been reported that in that region thieves take advantage of the early morning to leave the orchards without product. They’ve already asked the mayor, Manuel Antonio Pineda, to give them police surveillance. Here’s your phone if you also need patrols: (694) 952 0410.> Attention canteros!
The race of the City Council of Salvador Alvarado and mainly the deputy solicitor syndicate, Alejandra Zámano, is looking for race that knows how to deliver letters in the immediacy and capture them to deliver them even in the most remote place he is, and is that he wants to send a missive to the licensed syndicate, Rossy Díaz, to confirm when he returns or he will not return. The detail is that you don’t know whether to sit well or just sit in a little corner. If you are interested in chamba, call fon (673) 732 27 7 and order the one to do the one.
With the fall of the first heavy rains, the director of Public Utilities in Guasave had to move fast to make sure that once again the storm hydrants and sewers in the city were not full of garbage, because they know that people have that bad habit and, for their bad luck, they did. If there is a speaker with sufficient experience in convincing the masses, let him communicate to the phone: (687) 8718702, with Rolando Gálvez, to see if they thus manage to keep the Guasavenses from throwing any more waste in those places.

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