translated from Spanish: Pedro Etchebest: «when I presented the complaint I felt like a defendant»

the prosecutor Carlos Stornelli, one of the main responsible in carrying out the cause of the notebooks, is being investigated for extortion following a complaint that had l sugar in the last hours.   The reason for this research, which is in the hands of the judge Ramos Alejo Padilla, is linked to the complaint made by the agricultural producer Pedro Etchebest, who accuses both Carlos Stornelli, lawyer Marcelo D´Alessio, of having extorted with the payment of bribes to decouple it cause notebooks. Asserting his alleged friendship with prosecutor Carlos Stornelli was Marcelo D’Alessio, a lawyer media, representing among others his counterpart Luis Fariña, would have ordered the payment of $300,000 to Etchebest.

After the silence maintained in the early days, Pedro Etchebest, broke the silence. «In dialogue with page 12 and AM 530, the employer provided certain refinements (by summary secret could not be more comprehensive) about this episode.» I have tried not to talk because I’m not good health, but there is a need to do so. The evidence is irrefutable, are abundant and what has been published is also a small minimum portion», raises Etchebest.

Asked about if ever he had spoken personally with Stornelli, producer raised its negative: «I could never speak personally. In a moment he shook his hand and I welcome it.»» After that situation D´Alessio tells me ´le you gave the hand to the Prosecutor, that means that the treatment is cerrado´ «»One not expected to touch something live»Etchebest raises after a received message on 28 December, the so-called Marcelo D´Alessio were each» most frequent time: «said to me involved me. ´Yo I’m going to get out of that expediente´ things he told me so. It wanted me to believe that he was helping me.» «He told me that working with him, that the Prosecutor (Stornelli) was his Chief. So much so that he send me the screenshots of what they conversed. But what took me the dream was the day that sent me a screenshot where it said: ´de this subject Pedro, I I ocupo´ «, said producer.» «Me me cornered. I felt the need to make the complaint because he had no other alternative. When I presented the complaint I felt like a defendant. It is not that they took it I simply, they were rigorous, detail-by-detail», concludes Etchebest.En this note:

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