translated from Spanish: SCT holder has property in Houston but not declares

Javier Jiménez Espriú, Secretary of communications and transport, he omitted in his statement of assets that owns an apartment in Houston, Texas.
This Monday, the newspaper Reforma reported that the building, with an approximate value of 6.6 million dollars and about 158 square meters, is owned by the official from 2016.
According to the official records of Texas, consulted by reform, 603 Briar Place Tower condominium was acquired through the company Houston relay Real Estate Inc., which founded 9 January 2016 and company of which he is director.
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said this Monday the holder of the SCT will explain the ownership of the property, making use of their right of reply.
«This is very instructive of how so with transparency are avoided, if any, simulations and if there are no simulations are clarified things have right of reply and today is going to respond», said on his morning Conference.

In February 2016, Jimenez Espriu acquired Department through this company, then your spouse Elisa Margarita Gutiérrez – who was its owner since 1992 – was it transferred.
The public deed consulted by reform indicate that the transfer of this property to the company «should be considered contribution in capital the company valued at an initial purchase price of 165 thousand dollars… more renewals for 50 thousand dollars».
In his financial statement, Jimenez Espriu not stated to be property to its name or be a part of the Houston relay Real Estate Inc.
This is the second case in which a member of the Cabinet omitted to declare goods. This week, the Ministry of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, not included in his asset declaration a penthouse that is in joint ownership with her husband in Houston.
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On Wednesday, the newspaper Reforma published that the Secretariat and your spouse bought in 2009 a Department of 11 million dollars in the United States that does not appear in his wealth statement. She acknowledged that it owns the property, but said that said yes and that it was an omission of the SFP that was not public.
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