translated from Spanish: Nursing home administrator an elderly woman forced to give oral sex

home international nursing home administrator an elderly woman forced to give oral sex photo / Internet world-according to the report of the owner of a residence police forced a 67 year old woman with dementia to give oral sex. It is said that Dorothy Brown, 72-year-old, allegedly took the anonymous victim, “suffering from a diminished mental capacity”, to the residence of Parkville, MD., basement and forced to participate in sexual activity against their will.
Authorities say that Brown, who ran assisted out of his own home, housing facilities also performed sexual acts with the victim and threatened her, and said that if ever it was it to someone, you abofetearía it, the victim told police.
Detectives responded to a care home in June 2018 once the victim denounced the alleged abuses to the staff of the medical care for adults Golden Doves, where the victim had been visiting for about a year to receive medical care while living in the home of Brown.
The authorities took the victim to a hospital where carried out a forensic examination, which revealed that the DNA of Brown was found in the breasts of the victim, according to police. The Maryland Department of health also found that the Brown nursing home operated without a license, so five adults under his supervision were relocated. The victim was sent to live with relatives.
Source: Metro

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