translated from Spanish: Carrio posted a photo of Honduras saying that Venezuela was

Lilita Carrio is all a personality on Twitter: his publications on politics and personal opinions tend to be inserted with postings totally unencumbered in that social network. However, this time the Congresswoman was news by an error? you have made and that his detractors do not let pass.

“Venezuela today… of what we save ourselves”, wrote co-founder of change, enclosing four photographs. In the first instance, there seems to be nothing out of place there. But yes. One of the images, the babies in baskets and boxes, does not belong to the Caribbean country, but to Honduras. Nor is this year, it was taken in 2013.

The image illustrates what happened at the Regional Hospital of West, located in Santa Rosa de Copán, during a crisis in the Honduran health system. While Yes it is experiencing a critical situation in the health centres in Venezuela, and reflects it the rest of the photos, the designated picture does not belong to this set. Hours later, Carrio deleted the tweet: some people accused of creating fake news; others blame his advisers. So far not issued any statement on the matter. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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