translated from Spanish: January inflation was 2.9%

the National Institute of statistics and census, INDEC, reported Thursday price index to the consumer of the first month of the year. It was 2.9%, driven by the increase in the rates of public services, food and beverage, transportation and tourism, among other sectors.
The official figure was above the figures of private consultants. According to the Orlando Ferreres and Associates study, the January price rise was 2.5% and spoke of «a slight acceleration in its rate» of growth hand increases in regulated services. Elypsis consultant agreed with that figure and estimated that the year will close with a 30% retail price inflation. Earlier, Deputy economy Minister Miguel Braun, reported that inflation projected for this year by the Central Bank is 28%, and they estimate that «you can slowly go down towards the second half of the year».
Back to increase the transportation tomorrow again to raise the rates of public transportation in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. Minimum collective ticket will go from $15 to $16.50, and will be matched to the value of the trip in underground. On trains, the minimum rate lines Mitre, Sarmiento and San Martin will rise to $1.25 and reach $11.25. Belgrano North, for its part, will increase $0.50 will cost $6, 25.Las lines Roca and Belgrano Sur will have an increase in their minimum passage of $0.75 and will have a value of $7, while the Urquiza will rise $0.75 and will cost $7, 25.En this note:

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