translated from Spanish: Combat to the «huachicoleo» to the increase in the price of gasoline

Morelia, Michoacan.-in the last days of December of 2018, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the start of their strategy called «Plan set of attention to» Facilities strategic Pemex», dedicated to the fight against the theft of fuel and aims to eradicate corruption in PEMEX and a direct fight against the»huachicoleo», in the country.
The federal Government’s strategy began with making and monitoring of the strategic installations of Pemex, which is the monitoring of the distribution of the fuel. Later he was the closure of petrol pumping through the underground pipeline network, which was the target of attacks to steal fuel. No longer using ducts, it began to distribute gas through pipes, which take longer to reach the product distribution and retail stations in general.
The measures caused a shortage of fuel in some States of the country, being Querétaro, Michoacán, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Jalisco, State of Mexico, Morelos, Oaxaca, Nuevo Leon and Chihuahua, the most affected entities.
Initially authorities federal, including the President himself, said that the fight against the huachicoleo would allow a decrease in the price of petrol and diesel, as according to the latest official report from clandestine shots of Pemex, October past reached 12 thousand 581 reports, which represented an increase of 45.2 percent 89 thousand 664 registered in the first 10 months of 2017. The report notes that in October the number of vulnerabilities to the pipelines totaled thousand 341 and that it was the fifth month with more theft of hydrocarbons in the year. The entity that has the largest number of theft is Puebla, adding, so far in the year, thousand 815 outlets.

«I said in campaign and argue, that in the worst cases, gasoline will not increase in real terms. I.e., if there is an increase will be in line with inflation. «If so, we would be talking about as 40 cents per year, because we are calculating inflation of 3.5 per cent in the year», said Lopez Obrador during a morning press conference January 03, to talk about the huachicol and prices on fuels that they were not stopping.
According to the Department of Navy (Semar), to date will have confiscated 205 clandestine Thomas, more than 728 thousand 663 liters of gasoline and 137 vehicles used to transport the stolen fuel. As for the money, Lopez Obrador said last February 14 they will have saved 5 billion pesos in the strategy to combat the theft of fuel to the interior and exterior of Petroleos Mexicanos.
While combating the huachicoleo and corruption in Pemex has left significant numbers in results, the price of petrol and diesel has not had any improvement, however, sale is every day more expensive and the increase continues cent penny.
Michoacan is one of the States in where more expensive purchase fuel at service stations, exceeding the average price nationwide; initiating the 2019 motorists could buy fuel at 18 pesos with 94 cents Magna gasoline, 20 pesos with 44 cents the Premium and 20 pesos with 51 cents Diesel.
National average price is at 19 pesos and 75 centavos Magna gasoline, 20 pesos and 40 cents the Premium and 20 pesos with 53 cents Diesel. For its part, in the Michoacán state until today magna gasoline, Premium and diesel is sold in 20 with 69, 21 pesos with 50 cents and 22 pesos with 49 cents respectively, i.e., Michoacán exceeds the average country.

It should be noted in the records of the Energy Regulatory Commission, there are only price data in the first month of the 2019 service stations.
During the shortage that is re recorded in Michoacan and mainly affecting the Morelia city, members of the party movement of national regeneration ensured that lack of petrol in the capital was due to gasoline business, bought fuel stolen, saying that 70 percent of the oxidizer «do not have a source clear».
Three days ago, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, agreed that Magna gasoline costs increased in recent days, but also rectified the Premium has declined and said it will continue with the promise of keeping prices stable and economic.
«In the time we have been there has been an increase in gasoline Magna and a decrease in the Premium, based on the price that Pemex sells to the expended. This may mean more or less in accordance with the profit margin that dealers have, but the base price has increased in Magna and reduced premium,»he said.
Lopez Obrador said that halfway through his six-year term, they will begin to lower costs since they are actions to strengthen Pemex.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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