translated from Spanish: Political summer – El Mostrador

Sir: February is traditionally seen as a month of little movement in national politics, because most of their players are absent. This month, however, various news facts that are well worth mentioning occurred. Namely: had on the one hand to the Minister of education, Marcela Cubillos, along with public funds 26 communes in the country, looking for stories in order to discredit the law of Inclusion and justify the ill-named “law of admission just” of the current Government, reaching the point of lying openly about what he says with the current rules.
For his part, we had the Minister of labour, Nicolás Monckeberg, proposing lower compensation for years of service, idea, in good, time was rejected by the Government by not having floor to present it to half.
Also witnessed the words of the Minister of health, Emilio Santelices, who attributed the increase of HIV cases to the arrival of immigrants and to the use of the pill the day after, irresponsibly stigmatizing migrants of both sexes in our country and ignoring as its political sector for decades refused to advance sex education, with consequences that we are aware of today.
Another made during February were the declarations of Undersecretary of the Interior, Rodrigo Ubilla, who related some fire for the last time with the mapuche cause, without any great background that would sustain his sayings.
As a corollary of this month, we were witnesses of how our country broke with its foreign policy of State, with the President making a trip to Cucuta with questionable results, and proposing a new international organization (Prosur), motivated only by their political affinities, not a vision of work among Latin American Nations.
If to all this we add that oppositions were taken long vacations and that they have been asleep before the actions of the Government, limited to certain reactions, but initiatives that boost a different agenda, the result is a summer with a balance enough bad for our country.
It is hoped that with the arrival of March and for the rest of this 2019 we can see progress in the unit and seriousness of the opposition forces that so far nowhere to Chile sadness and joy of the Government. The challenge is to deal with the agenda of the Executive, which to date only shows that the best times are for a few and not for everyone.
Gonzalo Guajardo Hawk
graduate of law
University of Chile

Original source in Spanish

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