translated from Spanish: Teaching unemployed: Finocchiaro pointed you to the guilds to «harm the Government»

in the beginning of the school year 2019, unions and officials failed the first agreement by the joint and the rejection of the proposal, the teaching low columns CTERA determined a strike to be extended for 72 hours starting from Wednesday, March 6. In this respect, Alejandro Finocchiaro left at the crossroads: «when a Guild you are looking for is a political issue and is in opposition to the Government, what he wants is to do damage to that Government without realizing that damage is done to whom is every boy or girl who has the right to the edu» cation».

Alejandro Finocchiaro, against the teachers unions by new unemployment. Photo: NA the Minister of education of the province of Buenos Aires spoke on Radio La Red and criticized unionists for the decision and the support to carry it out, and said that he has «high hopes for Wednesday to begin classes in almost all th as schools around the country». Soledad Acuña, responsible for the portfolio of education in the city, questioned the unions that they joined the national strike of CTERA until his Government carried out the latest wage offer scheduled. «It is clear that none of what offer they would accept», said.

Soledad Acuña joined the claim of Finocchiaro. Photo: NA «teachers have clear instructions that are claiming the national unemployed do not have nothing to do with the education system in the city,» said Acuña in respect of the measure of strength that was adopted and that with the holiday of Carnival in the medium seems unwavering. In this note:

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