translated from Spanish: Radical currents Summit: undefined election, but within change

La Union Civica Radical today a Summit held party in Corrientes, where he decided to continue the Alliance we change, but still not defined if it will drive u n candidate competing in the step against Mauricio Macri.” It has generated a huge expectation on this meeting and we want to lower it. Isn’t the objective here make the definition of an electoral strategy,”said once after the meeting the President of the party, Alfredo Cornejo, stretched the definition up to the Party Convention, no date yet. 

“Not yet convened and we estimate it to late April or early may,” said Mendoza.Junto Governor to their pairs of streams, Gustavo Valdés, and Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, among other ruling party leaders were present. The name that appears for an eventual showdown in the presidential inner is national Deputy and former Minister of Economics Martin Lousteau, although from the PRO they don’t want to know anything with a possible internal affecting the presidential image.
“We have a Convention and there will be definitions of our party, always confirming change as an alternative political force and reaffirm the direction in which we have decided to take in 2015 in the Convention of Gualeguaychú. There will be a ratification there”, said the Governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales in tune.

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