translated from Spanish: The Islamic State clinging to its last stronghold in Syria

BAGHOUZ, Syria (AP) – fighters of the Group Islamic State fighting desperately to defend the little territory they control still on the banks of the East of Syria, deploying snipers guided missiles and attacks surprise through tunnels. Resistance provoked an intense offensive of the coalition headed by United States and its allies on Earth in a final attempt to end the control of the extremist group in the area. Columns of black smoke rose over the besieged territory that remains under control of the group in the village of Baghouz, when airstrikes hit several targets. All night we heard the mortar shells that came from a hill overlooking a camp in which extremists remain entrenched. The forces democratic Syrian (SDF by its initials in English), with support from the United States, resumed the offensive Friday to recapture the area in Baghouz, after a break of two weeks to allow the evacuation of civilians from the area. Return to the small territory would be a milestone in the devastating four-year campaign to put an end to the self-proclaimed Islamic Caliphate of the EI that once occupied a vast territory in Syria and Irak.Sin however, the Group remains a threat, with different groups inactive scattered on the ground along the porous border between the two Nations. The SDF commanders estimate that hundreds of fighters remain in Baghouz, guarding tunnels and trenches. A senior commander of the SDF described the extremists as “rats”, but acknowledged that they continue to fight until the end. The Commander Akeed, who heads one of the main fronts in the last battle against the us, said that extremists adhere to their technical features, making quick attacks without the objective of defending terrain, but filling the area with mines to increase the number of victims. They also deployed “inghimasiyoun”, a term that the group uses to refer to infiltrators entering enemy areas behind the lines in an attempt to take hostages. One of Akeed units came under attack by a group of 10 extremist of the EI on Sunday morning, including four women who came out of a tunnel, but that were received by shooting. At least two of the elements of the EI died at the site and the rest escaped, said the Commander.
“Have said that they will present combat and will not go,” said Akeed told The Associated Press from his position, hundreds of meters from the frontlines. “They are strong enemies but they are besieged on three fronts. What can they do? Attack to demonstrate its value”.

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