translated from Spanish: “Game of Thrones”: premiered the trailer for the final season

after a long wait, finally premiered the trailer for the last season of “Game of Thrones”, coming to the small screen from April 14 on HBO and consists RA with a total of six episodes.

The video did not hesitate to become viral: with more than 30 thousand views on Youtube, fans showed his emotion in social networks and began to make theories of what is going to happen. In detail: what left the trailer?

Arya Stark “I know death. It has many faces. I am anxious to see this”, express Arya Stark flees while desperate, wounded. The only scene is the beginning of the video. Around the fifth season of the series, we saw the character immersed in the House of black and white, the meeting place of faceless men. For that reason, the phrase of Arya makes sense, according to his past in this place, where he learned to get bravery and courage. In this context, seen so scared in the beginning of the trailer generated doubt: do a danger?

Cersei Lannister other of the most impressive moments was when Cersei, first with a sure laugh at King completo Landing, appeared and then crying with a glass of wine in hand. Jamie, on the other hand, is firm and ensures that it will fight “for the living”. In addition, of course, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow or Aegon Targaryen, listed alongside dragons preparing for the great war. Without a doubt, they represent the embodiment of the “song of ice and fire”. The truth is that the great war with the army of the dead, led by The Night King, which is reflected in the final scene of the video comes. Who will win? who will be on the road? How to survive? Everything know you on April 14. In this note: Game of thrones trailer got

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