translated from Spanish: «Daring, 40 women / 40 stories»: photographic exhibition depicting prominent Chilean

as pa ten of the initiatives by the women’s international day, the Catholic University carried out the project «daring, 40 women/40 stories», shows that the female figure during the State of maturity or old age, deepening through the combination of photography, Testimonials and stories of 40 women over the age of 60 years (known and anonymous). This issue honors the 40 years that met the official proclamation of the international day for women’s rights and international peace, by the General Assembly of the United Nations (March 8, 1977) in 2017.
Carmen Hertz idea emerged in 2010, when the journalist Patricia Roccatagliata led the program «Women» at Radio Universidad de Concepción. Years later Roccatagliata joined the UC Cultural Management diploma and along with other teammates create the collective «Good eye», responsible for the implementation of this exhibition featuring the works of Jorge Brantmayer, Paloma Palomino and Hugo Ángel, three outstanding graphic artists that have managed to capture the reality of each participant in different social, cultural and economic knowledge. The instance also has a 45-minute video with the development of the project, the story of these women and the staff of each of the photographers proposal.
Carmen Barros project will depart in the middle of UC Extension and will include itinerant exhibitions in Antofagasta, Los Vilos, Valparaiso, Talca, Curicó and conception. Attached list of the 40 women daring.
Press point: Thursday, March 7, 19:00 hours, UC Extension (Alameda 390) Center of Art Gallery exhibition open to the public from March 8 to April 5. Lu a vi, 10 to 20 hrs. SA, 11 to 19 hrs. Free entrance.

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