translated from Spanish: Case Fuente-Alba: Court access lift the secrecy of the investigation for laundering money

The 7th Court of Santiago warranty lifted the secrecy of the investigation against the former Commander in Chief of the army, Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba, who soon will be formalized by the public prosecutor for the crime of lav ado’s assets.
«The prosecution has raised this secret and has put at the disposal of the parties 11 volumes of research», said Prosecutor José Morales, who has in his hands the Fuente-Alba edge in the field of civil justice. The retired general is processed and in preventive imprisonment for embezzlement of public funds by 3,500 billion pesos via expenses booked, by decision of the Minister on visit of the court martial, Romy Rutherford.
But at the same time, the Public Ministry has targeted for the crime of washing, which aims to elucidate maneuvers used FuenteAlba to launder their assets.
Under the law, the background of the investigations into money laundering are reserved, but after the resolution of the Court, the application of the defence of Fuente-Alba, this focus now studying the volumes of the record.
«No we had had since August of last year no information,» said lawyer Maximiliano Murath, who represents the former Commander in Chief of the army following the resignation of Alejandro Espinoza and Joanna Eskia to his defense.
Professional said that general, detained from February 14 in the battalion of police military of Peñalolén by order of the Minister Romy Rutherford is «worried about their defense and analyzing the background».
According to Jajajaj, «all their assets is fully proven, all their traceability is lawful, does not come from any source that is unlawful, illegal or irregular, and we are convinced that it will clarify the issue of the use of reserved expenses that the Minister is investigating» .
The Court’s decision is known on a day in which the counter revealed new irregularities related to the sale of 160 luxury vehicles to the army, which can entangle even more the already fragile situation of its processed former Commander in Chief.
In this plot appears as co-star the dealership car DITEC, controlled by businessmen Sebastian De Cárcer and Cristóbal Lira, which markets in Chile to Land Rover, Volvo, Jaguar and Porsche. Also it is involved, broker – although not actually participated in the business – questioned army Virgilio Cartoni provider. Lira was Undersecretary of prevention of crime in the first Government of Sebastian Pinera and currently, albeit from the private world, is a relevant paid Advisor Andrés Chadwick in the Ministry of the Interior and public security.

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