translated from Spanish: Denounce alleged arbitrariness and abuse labor on the part of the director of the morning shift of the primary November 20, in Ciudad Hidalgo, Michoacan

city Hidalgo, Michoacan.-the last Tuesday morning, teaching urban elementary school Federal 20 November morning, belonging to the area school 236 and key shift 16DPR4013C, located in colonia Linda Vista of the city, took the office of the director, Jacobo Alfaro Rivera, since they are tired of the alleged arbitrariness and bad ill-treatment of those who claim are subject to by the directors.

Teachers and also several parents, who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, explained that Alfaro Rivera has 22 years in office and that this time allegedly has committed various acts of arrogance that affect directly to the school community.
Note that 270 of a total of 388 children, did not have classes on Tuesday, since the parents decided to take them in support of their educators.
One of the affected teachers told this wording that Jacobo Alfaro has preference by some elements of the staff gives to those benefits, in addition to go directly to the home of students to frighten the parents of these if they dare to speak of their acts of abuse of power.

“Labor issues with us has exposed them with parents through lies, which has generated uncertainty in the parents of the children, mainly with regard to the issue of certificates and assessments”, explained the maestro complainant.
The protesters emphasized that despite the fact that the director himself has been who has signed the certificates and the ballots of the students who have graduated from the school last year, the same Jacobo Alfaro has told parents that these documents do not have official validity and les has suggested file complaints against one of the teachers who had carried out the sixth grade.
Another aspect that the affected stressed is that economic resources through programmes have not been implemented: school quality and schools one hundred (carried out during the last federal Government of Enrique Peña Nieto) and presume that they were diverted .

In this same tenor mentioned that the installations are in terrible conditions, from toilets that are always dirty, the rooms and furniture, same which is already very old and broken.
Also added five years Alfaro Rivera sent to install a door at the rear of the school, where only he enters and exits, this he did when he was director of culture at the local town hall, during the administration of Salvador Peña.

This because during that time he was absent campus and its responsibility to it, since working at the Casa de la Cultura hours were in the morning and in the afternoon, everything was in complicity with the director of the evening shift which in turn by the ma Nana is the master, highlighted the educators.
In response, teachers explained that they requested the Secretariat of public education in the State perform an audit to Jacobo Alfaro Rivera, but pointed out that so far the authority has shone by their absence.
Finally, teachers and parents said that they remain closed the office until their demands are met by the educational authorities of the entity.

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